May 26th, 2013

Current prices for harnesses (2/18)

  • Single harness built on your bands $40.00
  • Single harness on new stainless bands $59.00 (sorry bands are NOT available separately)
  • Double harness built on your bands $43.00
  • Double harness on new stainless steel bands $128.00
  • Triple harness without eyebolts, which must be purchased separately, $45.00
  • Travel harness to fit most modern tanks, $106.50
  •  Hookah Harness $23.00
  • Sea Hunt Special  For single tank $62.00, For double tanks $46.00/with bands $131.00,
  • For triple tanks without eyebolts $48.00
  • Special order “Basket” model $80.00

Shipping costs via USPS Priority Mail will be determined based on your mailing address.

Current Prices for Labels (1/19)

  • Labels that are adhesive (3M VHB tape, included)  $25.00

  • Labels with tabs  $26.00

  • Small HPR label $10.00

Shipping cost is $4.06 for up to 2 labels via USPS 1st Class mail in the US.  Other countries, please inquire.

Current Prices for Weights (10/16)

  • $1.85 per pound

  • Wire buckle set (1″ buckle with 2 sliders)  $4.90

  • Cotton Webbing for belt (any color) 1″ $1.44/yd, 2″ $2.22/yd

To Order:

Vintage Scuba Stuff  does not have a cart system or a formal store because of the nature of many of the one of a kind items found here. Once you have looked through the products have decided what you may want simply send us an email to ask about availability and price with shipping to your address.  A & D Adventures, LLC accepts all forms of funds, including checks, money orders, or Paypal.  Let us know how you want to pay and we will invoice accordingly.

4 Responses to "Pricing"

  1. David Houser says:


    I would like to order a Navy Voit label with Taps.. I would pay with check or Paypal.. Please Let me know.

    David Houser
    4939 Mandellynn Ct.
    Jacksonville Fla. 32217

    Thanks David Houser

  2. Hi, I’m interested in one Healthways label, the earliest of the three. Blue label with three small rivets securing it. The can is rather large, close to 5” in diameter.

    I would pay via Paypal. Get back to me when convenient. Thank You, Ken Petrie

    • Allan says:

      Hi Ken
      Just got back from a dive trip. The Healthways label is 2 5/8″ diameter, as per the originals. I can paypal you an invoice is desired. Just let me know if you want to PP or other ways, aka, check, mo, etc. I will need your address, PP or postal. Email to me at

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